Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Peace, all. Out of the sickbed today for a few hours and into international politics (sidestepping into morality). About a year ago, I saw a reference to an article on Commonweal suggesting it might be time to cut loose our ties with the whole disgusting Israeli-Palestinian farce that tries to disguise itself as a peace process. I admit I never read the piece. But the very thought continues to intrigue me: that it might be morally wrong to even be involved in this sad and sorry dispute. If I had a drug addict friend, and she said she wanted to get clean, I'd do what I could to get her into treatment, go to NA meetings, etc.: do what a good friend should do. You might too, right? But if, after say five years, the talk proved all empty and the drugs were still flowing, I'd be doing a self-sanity check. If I were still stupid enough to be promoting 12-step meetings for sixty months, I'd have to wonder what role I was playing in the insanity. At some point, you have to let people who are insistent on crashing and burning to do so. In the case of an addict, if jail time is what they need to hit bottom, then so be it. Somehow US foreign policy strikes me as being more dysfunctional than the Sopranos (or any other TV family). Not that I expect the Bush administration to show any signs of health, but isn't the healthiest course just to check out of a situation that is clearly heading nowhere good? I hardly think any of the prezzes-to-be on the primary trail are going to consider this seriously. But then again, my sinuses are blasting their way out of my head this morning, and maybe it's time to go back to bed.

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