Friday, October 13, 2006

Home From The Hospital
Just me. Just for a hour or so to take care of the zoo and check a few house things. Brittany follows tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers, those who knew and those who prayed. Everything went fine and the doctors seemed pleased that she was strong and healthy: the procedure went along without any hint of problem, or even really, delay. I'll post a bit more on it next week. Our patient is a bit nauseous and hasn't been able to keep food or oral medicine down since mid-afternoon. Our trips to the EKG room and radiology show everything in and around the heart working just fine. A possible evening return home is out of the picture now, but we expect discharge by noon tomorrow. Even though this was a relatively minor procedure compared to the open heart surgeries of the past, it's been weighing on me the past few weeks. I used to consider myself a fairly rational person, but reason seems to slip away in situations like this. I'm glad we're through it. And it looks like clear sailing ahead.

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