Friday, October 06, 2006

"But what is a pilgrimage?" Some of the brothers of the Taizé community are on a "pilgrimage of trust" meeting in Kolkata, India. Brother Alois will publish meditations from October 5th to the 9th. Here is a short part of the first meditation. And here is an interesting question: Since a pilgrimage does not necessarily mean "going far from home," can blogging be a sort of a pilgrimage? In India, there is a great tradition of pilgrimages. But what is a pilgrimage? It means going beyond what we know already, to come closer to God and to renew our communion with him. It is also something we do to come closer to others and to create relationships of trust with them.

Each one of us can turn our whole lives into a pilgrimage of trust, without necessarily going far from home.

Last year, on the afternoon of the day he died, Brother Roger called one of the brothers and asked him to write down these words: “To the extent that our community creates possibilities in the human family to widen…” And he stopped there, too exhausted to finish his phrase.

What did he mean by “widen”? He probably wanted to say: do everything possible to make more perceptible for everyone the love God has for every human being without exception, and for all peoples. He wanted us to bring this mystery to light, through our life, in a humble commitment with others.

So we brothers wish to take up this challenge, together with all those who are searching for peace across the earth. Yes, we want to look for ways of widening this pilgrimage of trust on earth to include many others. That is why we have come to Kolkata these days and why, later on, other meetings will be held on all the continents.

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