Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brother Roger Today, as the Pope recognized during his weekly Audience, is the first anniversary of Brother Roger's death. The website of Taizé says that it will be "observed in a very simple way" with a celebration of the Eucharist at the Church of Reconciliation this evening. The Beatitudes will be read and this prayer will be spoken: Eternal God, we praise you for the given life of our Brother Roger. Through his life and his death he has led us on the way of trusting in you, the living God, whose love and forgiveness have no limits. Even with very little faith, we can surrender ourselves to your Word and to the breath of your Holy Spirit. Through Christ you unite us in one single communion, the communion of the Church. And you send us, with our human frailty, to announce a mystery of hope. So may peace be achieved on the earth, and that peace of heart that our Brother Roger so much desired for every human being.

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