Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mistaken Identity

... that's what a cassock will do for you.

Recently I had a phone call at the parish. Someone was asking about the nice young priest who said Mass the other day. I racked my brains. We currently have two very nice priests, but I would hardly call them young—and they wouldn’t be upset at my telling you they're both closer to retirement than ordination.

I finally pinned down the caller with a date, and I knew our diocesan vicar general had that Mass. I also realized he was likely assisted by his young nephew, a seminarian (indeed, a nice young man) who often dresses in cassock and surplice for Mass when visiting his uncle.

Oh yes, the caller told me, he concelebrated with the other priest.

“He’s not a priest yet, ma’am,” I said. “He was the priest’s nephew and just assisting with the altar servers.”

That got me thinking about all the Vatican concern recently about the blurring of liturgical distinctions between laity and clergy. Somehow seminarian dress seems to have been overlooked. Most every lay person I’ve known could tell the difference between the clergy and laity at Mass. Until now.

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