Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wisdom from St John Chrysostom The Spring 2006 issue of In Communion, the quarterly journal of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship has, among other things, a few striking quotations from St John Chrysostom. Since I'm pressed for time, I thought that I would quickly share a couple of them with you. Prayer for our enemies is the very highest summit of self-control. - Homily 18 of the Gospel of St Matthew Many, throwing themselves prostrate, and striking the ground with their forehead, and pouring forth hot tears, and groaning bitterly from the heart and stretching out their hands, and displaying much earnestness, employ this warmth and forwardness against their own salvation. For it is not on behalf of their own sins that they beseech God; nor are they asking forgiveness of the offences committed by them; but they are exerting this earnestness against their enemies, doing just the same thing as if one, after whetting his sword, were not to use the weapon against his enemies, but to thrust it through his own throat. So these also use their prayers not for the remission of their own sins, but about revenge on their enemies; which is to thrust the sword against themselves. - Homily against Publishing the Errors of the Brethren

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