Thursday, May 11, 2006

ID: What Have They Done?
SF author David Brin suggests ID proponents may be opening themselves up for a host of unpleasant alternatives to evolution. In the latest Skeptic. Brin suggests that ID advocates' self-portrayal — as champions of open debate, standing up to stodgy authorities — has worked well for the proponents of Intelligent Design (ID). For now.

Yet, I believe they have made a mistake. By basing their offensive on core notions of fair play and completeness, ID promoters have employed a clever short-term tactic, but have incurred a long-term strategic liability. Because, their grand conceptual error is in believing that their incantation of Intelligent Design is the only alternative to Darwinian evolution.

If students deserve to weigh ID against natural selection, then why not also expose them to…

1. Guided Evolution 2. Intelligent Design of Intelligent Designers (IDOID) 3. Evolution of Intelligent Designers 4. Cycles of Creation 5. Panspermia

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