Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blogging Hints
Heading off to choir practice in a bit here, so let me tell what was not classified information at the big Nebraskan liturgy function earlier this week: - It seems that some liturgy people indeed read Catholic blogs. Rock in particular has a big following, especially among eastern US clergy. - Most folks are somewhat dismissive of complainers, not because of the message, but because of the medium. Even bishops are tired of people who seem unable to resolve their differences on the parish level before complaining to the chancery. - I found what many of you would judge a substantial openness to chant and traditional Catholic musical forms. There was a current of discontent about publishers, but there are some good items available in some of their catalogues. And these resources were talked up amongst our number. - I found substantial disdain reserved for moratoria societies. Agreement, definitely about the poor quality seen in the published works of the more prolific composers, to be sure. But agreement also that professionals do not call out other professionals for public insult. One friend of mine commented that when she perused the list of signatories, she was grateful for not having recognized one name. I wish I could have said the same.

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