Saturday, March 18, 2006

Intellligently Designing the Next Generation

What else would you call it? I'm writing of the smug insistence that conservatives will inherit the earth by the simple task of outbreeding the liberals. I'm shaking in my boots. I'm pinning my hopes on these developments: - Conservatives will not escape adolescent rebellion and the grandchildren of the Right will elect some great-granddaughter of Hillary Clinton to the presidency. - That nobody will dare to reintroduce laws against Carville-Matalin marital combinations. - The human genome project has yet to find the gene for conservativism. It appears that being conservative is -- gasp! -- a choice. Repentance, reform, and renewal are possibilities even for them.

- Conservative-dominated national politics is doing such a bang-up job these days. The only thing keeping the scandal-and-incompetence-ridden Republican Party afloat is the tradition of money-for-favors. No wonder they whine about Feingold and McCain so much. An e-mail correspondent reminded me that Mussolini's attempt to breed large Italian fascist families had smashing results. They're sure packing the churches, eh? The biggest hurdle the conservatives face is inbreeding. And from the sounds of these IDeas, I think the philosophy will sink them before the genetic stylings of European monarchy does. But it might be close.

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