Monday, March 13, 2006

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I noticed the traffic bump from Amy's last Friday. Some of you seem to be coming back today, so if you were referred from Open Book and can stand the substantially less conservative view here than on most Catholic blogs, two things: Good for you. Welcome. The 2006 modus operandi (See? Liberals not only know Latin, but we use it, too!) here is for me to post a few times each morning before I start my regular job. Maybe I add a few things, if the evening inspiration hits. Weekend posting is usually lighter. I'm in the middle of a long effort to blog on the entire collection of Vatican II documents. Someday, I hope to organize them out of the archives into some coherency, but for now, you're joining us about one-quarter of the way through Gaudium et Spes, the 6th or 7th document about which I've blogged Most of the posts here treat with the Catholic Church or associated aspects such as music, liturgy, theology, and Vatican II. I happen to feel strongly about adoption, astronomy, books, coins, food, games, music (non-church), science in general, sports, and assorted things, so posts from time to time on those non-churchy topics are to be expected. Neil is my collaborator and adds a good amount of scholarly and spiritual sensibility. The site is richer for his input. Not to mention that of the kind visitors who comment on our posts. My daughter has designated me the family's "Big Teaser," a moniker I live up to. Sometimes my more conservative friends find it trying, if not outright insulting. But if you call me on something unfair, I'd like to think I'm open to correction. Teasing doesn't always translate well to the written medium. (For one thing, eyebrows and mouths and such things do not translate well without a video connection.) So feel welcome to be here, come back, and comment, as you wish.

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