Thursday, December 15, 2005

An Unfinished Letter from Taizé Brother Alois, the head of the community since the death of Brother Roger, writes, "The afternoon of the day he died, August 16th, Brother Roger called one of the brothers and said to him, 'Note down these words carefully!' There was a long silence while he attempted to formulate his thinking. Then he began, 'To the extent that our community creates possibilities in the human family to widen…' And he stopped there, too exhausted to finish his phrase." In the weeks before he died, Brother Roger had begun to work on a letter that would be made public during the Taizé meeting that commences later this month in Milan. Here is the end of that unfinished letter: To the extent that the Church is able to bring healing to our hearts by communicating forgiveness and compassion, it makes a fullness of communion with Christ more accessible. When the Church is intent on loving and understanding the mystery of every human being, when tirelessly it listens, comforts and heals, it becomes what it is at its most luminous: the crystal-clear reflection of a communion. Seeking reconciliation and peace involves a struggle within oneself. It does not mean taking the line of least resistance. Nothing lasting is created when things are too easy. The spirit of communion is not gullible. It causes the heart to become more encompassing; it is profound kindness; it does not listen to suspicions. To be bearers of communion, will each of us walk forward in our lives on the road of trust and of a constantly renewed kind-heartedness? On this road there will be failures at times. Then we need to remember that the source of peace and communion is in God. Instead of becoming discouraged, we shall call down his Holy Spirit upon our weaknesses. And, our whole life long, the Holy Spirit will enable us to set out again and again, going from one beginning to another towards a future of peace. To the extent that our community creates possibilities in the human family to widen …

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